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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas the end of Christmas...

Well Christmas has come to an end, Kwanzaa begins and it's time to prepare to bring in 2008! BOY and I will be celebrating the NEW YEAR at PRIMES, an elegant eatery right here in Long Beach. It will be a great evening with delicious dishes and FABULOUS mingling with the best of the best. Come join us...

Christmas was certainly a hoot! We woke up cuddling with Devil Dog and taking our morning walk, which is always an experience with our troublesome pooch. Dashing over to the Valley, we had Christmas breakfast with our friends, Natalie, Alan and Ruben (not to be confused with yours truly) then off to MOM's to see the Baby Jesus in all his glory (typical Catholic tradition is to display the Nativity without Baby Jesus until Christmas, OK whatever). We then headed north, way north, to the lovely sheriff infested Santa Clarita Valley (can anyone say AGRESTIC) where we joined my father and siblings (from both my father's marriages, don't ask) for yet another meal and of course humor, induced by BOY. Tension rose when BOY brought out the Jenga game and challenged the queen of Jenga, my niece Alexa, to a dual of touch and balance. AAHHH yes Christmas 2007 will be a hard one to top.

If you and your family are in the Anaheim Gardens area this weekend, I'm holding an OPEN HOUSE (Sat. & Sun. 1 - 4:00pm) at 2137 W. Pacific It's an excellent three bedroom/two bath family home (1308 sq ft.) Features include: central air and heat, fireplace, newer roof, fruit tress, spacious 7200 sq. ft. lot with two cement patios. Owner must sell immediately!
Offered at $445,000
Hope to see you there!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is approaching quickly and still no gift for Mom, oh well if time does not permit a quick stop at the ATM will do the trick. CASH in my family is always a hit.

NEWSFLASH - "Noah's Ark shelter owner jailed for animal cruelty" Devil dog was both estatic and anxious when she read the front page of the Press. PTSD is what she is still battling being a victim of that hell hole. Kudos to Judge Rodriguez for recognizing the seriousness of the crime, siting the Press, "The victims in this case were vulnerable," Rodriguez said, " I do believe that animals have feelings and emotions... They don't control themselves. They expect other people to care for them. And, in our society, we do. They are a part of us, and they are part of our families."

Had a faboulous evening Saturday with both BOY and Sageweb. The three of us crossed over the Vincent Thomas bridge to Flazh!Alley Studio, to attend yet another fabulous exhibit. Sid and Joe always put on a great presentation!

After mingling with the who's who of the art world, BOY and I dashed over to the San Fernando Valley (don't laugh it was the westend south of BLVD.) and had a great time with some of my old high school chums. BOY, of course, was the hit of the party. I am a lucky man!

Well that's it for now; however please tune in for some great listings out in the Long Beach area (surrounding cities as well), we have some great deals for all you! Who knows BOY may pop in at one of my open houses...

Life is hard and yet so sweet, be good to the ones you love. Hope you all have a wonderful & safe holiday.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa's Mistress

What a day!!!

Have you ever woke up with such a love for life that you thought you might just BURST!
Well this was not that morning. I started my day at 4:30am YES 4:30 after only four hours sleep (ask BOY About that) and off to a hot and sweaty session at the gym. I usually need to de-stress before building stress in the real estate game, however today was very special. I got to meet Santa's mistress of the shore and she was HOT! (I wonder how I would look in that ensemble). We met at my office's holiday party, which I only found out about this morning. Take note: if you want to know what's happening in the office, be present, I hadn't been in or checked my mail box in weeks. My day ended with doing what we agents just love to do, pass out free stuff with our names attached. FREE, FREE, FREE but what about ME!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who is this realtor guy in Long Beach?

While lying here in bed being badgered by this guy named BOY about something, I realized how much work this blogging thing can be if you take it too seriously, so out with the etiquette and on with the RAW. So who is this realtor guy in Long Beach? (he's the one tangled in th boa) Thanks to sageweb for the comment and the commission!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've Arrived!!!

Hi Long Beach,
I just figured out what all this blogging BUZZ is about and had to hop on and join in all the fun. Looking forward to blogging my way into your new home.....