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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why Home Ownership Beats Stocks

Hi Neighbors! Much has been going on; marketing, networking and keeping my hopes and dreams alive, which has been quite a task at this time of my life. One major life change is that I now am a FULL -TIME realtor and able to start devoting ALL my efforts to the field I do enjoy. As well as inform you all of the latest news and give you helpful tips on what is going on in the real estate arena. Here in Long Beach, real estate is finally beginning to move giving us all a brighter view of what's to come. Thank GOD, I'm tired of living on cereal and Cup of Noodles, ok I may be exagerating a bit but sometimes it feels that way.
Listed on my favs section are some great up to date links to some informative and reliable real estate news sites that can be very helpful, please check them out as well as the link to the newest listings on the MLS on Find My New Home.
Recently I was chatting with a broker friend of mine and we got into a bit of a debate concerning what really is the best investment one could endure. Well I believe there is no better investment than real estate because over time it appreciates (regardless of our little slump). All you need to do is keep your home in good repair in order to maximize your out take.
Here are a few reasons why you get more for your money with a house:
  • Leverage: Stocks-you put your money in a little piece of a company. House-you put your money to get all of the house.

  • Tax benefits: All I can say here is SUBSIDIES! Thanks Uncle Sam. Don't forget the tax write-offs, interest rate deductions, and depreciation.

  • Control: Remember when you buy stocks, you are paying some CEO approximately 500 times the average worker's salary to make decisions with YOUR money and well I don't want to bring up ENRON, oops I just did. That's just one example we could go on and on and on about corporate abuse or should I just say THEFT! When you purchase a home, you have complete control of what you buy, what you pay and where you live. You also have the ablility to increase the value with repairs and updates!

  • Value: Unless some act of nature or a major castastrophe occurs, your house will not become worthless. Yes, some are losing a few percent this year; however you/they will make it up. Housing has lost value only one year out of 35, so don't freak out!

Keep this in mind....when it rains, which would you rather have over your head, a roof or a stock certificate?

Well as I stated, all my efforts are in the real estate biz; however I do have another project I am working on and that is a wonderful community website. It offers a community calendar, discussion forum, local government & school info, free classifieds and much more...Check it out

Below is a little peak at me and some friends this past weekend at a great event held by Sam @ HB Skin Spa. Check it out and I'll see you around the neighborhood!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Selling Tips

Hi everyone! First of all congrats to our very own Long Beach hero Angela Madsen, she is the paraplegic who rowed across the Atlantic with Franck Fester (also differently abled). Please check out Row Of Life for the whole story...

I've been talking to many homeowners in our area and some of you asked,

"How do we get the best price in this buyer's market?"

Curb Appeal - I grew up with the notion that we are not to "judge a book by its cover" well that does not apply in real estate. Cosmetic upgrades not only works on us, it works on our homes as well. Fresh paint (like a new insta-tan), manicured lawns (nothing like a trimmed bush) and planting new fresh flowers (like a string of pearls) can really set you apart; which is what you need to do in this market. Ask me about Prudential's Cosmetic Repair Program!!!

Upgrade - Invest in making a room like a bathroom or kitchen "FABULOUS" in order to start a sort of buzz..."Did you see the home with the whirlpool tub?"

Disclosures - Get a preliminary inspection, so that you can improve the condition of your home before a buyer views it. Keep receipts and provide buyer with estimates on upgrades. Buyers will appreciate your proactive approach and above all trust in you.

Be Realistic - Price your home competitively with other like homes in the immediate area. Keep in mind that the market changes rapidly, so a three month comp. check is much more reliable than a 6 month. Also ask your real estate professional to show you homes that have been on the market for sometime or have expired; nine times out of ten the asking price is what drove buyers away!

Well that's it for now, see you around the neighborhood!